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Year: 2007
Directed By: Brian Hennessey
Starring: Vineeta and Sevilla | Anthony Fauci | Richard Horton | Laurie Garrett | Jose Esparza | Kevin Decock | Helene Gayle | Stephen Lewis | Craig McClure
Produced By: Radia Daoussi | Nagila Guimaraes
Genre: Documentary
Collections: Free Streaming
Rating: NR
Length: 26 Minutes
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. . . A Movie that can Save Lives . . .

In the donor-fatigued, jargon-laden, taboo-filled world of HIV/AIDS, two innocent and innovative voices revive our understanding and compassion. By asking questions (“that only a child could ask”), two young girls get basic, honest, and fresh answers about the pandemic that defines our times.

The result is a refreshing and thought-provoking documentary about our inability to make the epidemic understandable to all people because of our discomfort with issues of sex and sexuality.

The fact that two kids can get to the bottom of it at the International AIDS Conference — talking to experts, sexworkers, crossdressers and people living with AIDS– is hilarious, hopeful and a little bit haunting . . . why have so many died because we can’t talk about these subjects in an open and honest way?

Festival screenings 2007:
Swansea Bay Film Festival in Wales,
Everglades in South Africa (nominated for Best Public Service and Community)
Great Lakes Film Festival (nominated for Best Documentary Short)

“There is praise for the way the film breaks taboos about discussing sex” – Voice of America

“Their innocent questions elicited simple, jargon-free explanations” – The Associated Press

“A really ground-breaking film – a lot of buzz about it because it breaks a lot of the taboos” – Poz magazine

“What a wonderful film. It was brilliant way to convey important messages” – Richard Horton, editor-in-chief, the Lancet

“To have children, in their innocence, ask those questions and really force people to give a straight answer to this, I think really exemplifies why we need to talk straight about HIV? – Dr Anthony Fauci, Director, NIH/NIAID

Vineeta and Sevilla

Anthony Fauci – Director NIH Allergy & Infectious Diseases
Richard Horton – Editor-in-chief The Lancet
Laurie Garrett – Pulitzer-prize for The Coming Plague
Jose Esparza – Gates Foundation HIV vaccines
Kevin Decock – HIV/AIDS Director WHO
Helene Gayle – CEO/President CARE
Stephen Lewis – UN Special Envoy on AIDS
Craig McClure – Exec. Dir. Int’l AIDS Society
. . . and a cast of 25,000

Additional Credits:
Editor: Claudia Turner
Sound Engineer: Erich Netherton
Sound: Daniel Magnani, Michael J.Mateer
Music: Brian Turner
Special thanks to Soraia Callison

Please Note: Profits will be donated to the fight against AIDS.

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Color: Color
Sound: Dolby Digital
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Store in Library: Yes
Play from Hard Drive: Yes
Country: USA
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (standard TV)
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