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Does limited physical shelf space mean that many consumers will never even have the chance to buy your DVDs? Would you like to make it easy for millions of people to buy your DVDs with no production, packaging, inventory or shipping costs for you? Even if you just think the answer to any of these questions might be yes, then it is very important that you read every word on this page.

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EZTakes is the first and only legal movie download service that gives you the ability to sell your feature-length video downloads in a form that consumers can really use: downloadable DVDs. While other download services force consumers to huddle the family around a PC monitor to watch 90-minute movies, EZTakes enables consumers to securely burn their own DVDs that will play on virtually any standard DVD player already in their living rooms.

Despite all of the hype and hoopla about the “connected” home, the fact remains that the DVD is the standard for home video today and will remain so for many years to come. According to the DVD Entertainment Group (, over 80 million US households owned at least one DVD player by the end of 2005. That means there were more than 22 times as many DVD playing households as there were subscribers to either Netflix or Tivo (about 3.6 million each).

There is no shortage of companies eager to sell you on proprietary technologies for distributing your content over the Internet. The hidden purpose behind these schemes is to gain control over your content so that the vendor, not you, can become the “toll collector” on the Information superhighway, which will put them in a position to keep charging you and everyone else for access. Another shortcoming of these download services is that most people will simply not pay for offerings with little value and no flexibility to consumers.

“EZTakes is the best download-to-own offering.”
Several movie download sites offer download-to-own options. From the consumer’s point of view, these offerings are simply absurd. In the typical situation, consumers can purchase a download, which is a PC file, that they can store on one computer, and view only on that computer. Paying customers typically cannot move this file freely, even between computers. When the computer breaks or is thrown away, the file for which the consumer paid hard-earned money to “buy” is lost forever. Buy now you may be asking yourself the question: Why would people pay for something so restrictive and inflexible?

“EZTakes gives you much better protection from piracy.”
Most DVDs sold by any company, including all of the major movie studios, includes a copy protection technique that was broken in 1998 by a 15-year old child. The knowledge of how to get around DVD copy protection is widely available and any decent software developer could write her own DVD copying program. This not to say that it would be necessary to write a program; anyone that knows how to download software from the Internet can get any number of free DVD decryption programs, making illegal DVD duplication as easy as clicking the “Copy” button.

No one can honestly say that any technology will prevent all piracy; however, EZTakes goes well beyond the the broken copy protection on retail DVDs in that all EZTakes DVDs are marked with a unique receipt code that can be used to track down professional pirates that make unauthorized copies.. That means EZTakes DVDs can be traced back to the original consumer. Pirates are much less likely to make and distribute unauthorized DVD copies of your content because those copies can be traced back to them. In short, they would be cooking their own goose.

“EZTakes is better and faster than shipping physical DVDs.”
A physical DVD ordered from Amazon with 24 hour shipping and an overnight delivery option can still take two days to arrive, and cost $11 extra just for the shipping. According to a Pew Internet Life study, over 60 million American consumers had high-speed Internet access from home by the end of 2004, which was ten times the number in 2000. Some of these consumers can download EZTakes DVDs in less than an hour and virtually all of them can get DVDs much faster than overnight delivery actually takes. And there are no physical shipping costs with EZTakes! The much more efficient and convenient distribution channel offered buy EZTakes means that you can cutout middle man costs and consumer will have more dollars to buy your content.

“EZTakes puts you, the movie owner, in control.”
The EZTakes business arrangement is very straightforward: you set the price that consumers will pay for your DVD downloads. EZTakes simply charges a delivery fee, which is one third of what the consumer pays. You keep two thirds. EZTakes absorbs all hosting, tech support and credit card costs. And of course, the standard EZTakes distribution arrangement is non-exclusive.

EZTakes provides the best of all worlds: Consumers get to purchase your video content in a universal format they can use, a DVD, through the fastest, easiest and most efficient distribution channel possible. And they can do everything from the comfort of their homes. You get to sell your content to tens of millions of consumers without having to worry about shipping physical goods or about having to compete for limited shelf space at Wal-Mart.

Submitting Content to EZTakes:
If you have a catalog of at least 20 films and you would like to have someone from our acquisitions department contact you, please feel free to call us or send a message to the email address below.

If you have less than 20 titles, you may still be able to sell through EZTakes, but you’ll need to work through our partner, Picture Palace. They can be contacted at [email protected]

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