The Wasp Woman – 2008 – Movie Download

The Wasp Woman – 2008 Movie Download

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Year: 2008
Directed By: Sharp-Ford
Starring: Joel Hodgson | Frank Conniff | Trace Beaulieu | Mary Jo Pehl | J. Elvis Weinstein
Produced By: Trace Beaulieu | Frank Conniff | Joel Hodgson | Mary Jo Pehl | J. Elvis Weinstein | Sharp-Ford
Written By: Trace Beaulieu | Frank Conniff | Joel Hodgson | Mary Jo Pehl | J. Elvis Weinstein
Genre: Comedy | Horror | Science Fiction | Thriller
Rating: NR
Length: 80 Minutes
Distributor: Cinematic Titanic
Download Size: 3.57 GB

Our Price: $9.99

Cinematic Titanic – Episode 3

Janice Starlin, purveyor of her own line of cosmetics, finds herself nearing middle-age (in a time when 38 was the new 94). A stranger with an accent and an unnatural love of wasps enters her life and promises her the elixir that will prolong her youth forever – until the wasp becomes the wasped.

SEE! The beautiful and once-youthful Janice Starlin descend into the horrors of near middle age!

LISTEN! As the addled, vaguely German scientist canoodles with his millions of wasps!

EXPERIENCE! Janice Starlin’s more curious than horrifying transformation to a sort-of wasp-like creature – right before your very eyes! Kind of!

ASTONISH! At the not-very-special special effects!

THRILL! As the Cinematic Titanic team takes down this Wasp’s nest with every tool in their riffing kit!

DISCLAIMER: “This version of “The Wasp Woman” has been altered from its original form by Cinema Titan LLC. These alterations are not prepared by, authorized, licensed, sponsored, or endorsed by the film’s original authors or proprietors who have no association with the alterations. This version of “The Wasp Woman” is not to be confused with the 1995 production of the same name.”>

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Additional Information
Format: NTSC
Color: Black & White
Sound: Stereo
Backup Burns Allowed: Yes
Store in Library: Yes
Play from Hard Drive: Yes
Country: United States
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (standard TV)
Customer Comments
Reviewer: Suzanne on 08/07/08

I had a really good time watching this installment and am hopeful for many more to come from this group. 🙂
Reviewer: Hamtronix on 08/07/08

CT keeps getting better…
Reviewer: Mix Master Entropy on 08/08/08

As a fan of previous Cinematic Titanic releases, I was not let down one bit with this latest installment. This will have you laughing until your sides hurt inside of the first 60 seconds! The choice of film for riffing is really good, this Roger Corman film is filled with scenes that make for some of the best riffing from the CT team yet. The pacing is great, the riffing is beyong hilarious — easy 5 stars. Support CT and check it out!
Reviewer: Wyatt on 08/08/08

The Cinematic Titanic crew hits their stride with “The Wasp Woman”, their third release. While “The Oozing Skull” and “The Doomsday Machine” were both funny, the show was still establishing its own identity (as can be seen in the introduction to TDM, when the riffers turned down the offer of new robots, confirming that they didn’t “do that anymore.”) With this production, Cinematic Titanic has proven itself as a unique creation. The writers are at their best as well; the jokes are not only funny, but they carry a stronger sense of each riffer’s personality than they did in the two previous releases. I can’t wait for more!
Reviewer: quakeroates on 08/14/08

This is one of the better CT features so far. There were many laugh out loud moments but there were some stretches with some lame or non-exsistent jokes. I could have done without the foul mouthed Buddy Rich skit. I hope they keep the future releases profanity free. I like to watch these with the family.
Reviewer: King Rygar on 08/17/08

More More More!!! I think Cinematic Titanic is a bit weaker in the riff department than Rifftrax, but I want more from all these guys. A good watch!
Reviewer: Evenstar on 08/25/08

An average movie experience has been transformed into a hilarious one by the CT crew! There were several times I found myself laughing uncontrollably and had to rewind the movie to see the part again.
Reviewer: Thief on 09/11/08

CT is sick
Reviewer: slvrsufr on 09/13/08

I love it. Keep the laughs coming!
Reviewer: Ninjew on 10/10/08

Of the first three selections, this is by far the BEST! Can’t wait to see the forth!
Reviewer: Full_Mooner on 10/11/08

My favorite MST3K personnel are back!! I could hardly believe my ears when I heard the voice of the original Tom Servo. Nice to hear from you again, J. Elvis!! Although this is the first of the Cinematic Titanic movies I’ve purchased, it will certainly not be the last.
Reviewer: anonymous on 10/31/08

A true joy!
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